Winter can be a season where people feel the need to stay inside and hibernate, but there’s still lots to see any do! Going out and seeing things despite the cold is the best way to chase those winter blues away.

So, here’s a list of ten things to do before the spring comes!

Try a winter sport

If you’re a hockey fan, then you might think you’ve already conquered this item, but have you? Have you tried skiing, snowboarding, and tubing? How about figure skating? There’s always something out there to give the old college try!


Eat a food you’ve never tried before

Exploring new things can be a great way to expand your mind and broaden your horizons. Plus, if it’s a warm food, then you have an excuse to get out of the cold!


Redecorate a room in your house

If you’re going to be inside, then you may as well enjoy it, right? If there’s ever been something that has bothered you about your house, or if there’s something that really inspires you, then now’s the time make your dream room a reality.


Learn a new instrument

This is another one that you can do right from the comfort of your own home! If you have evenings and weekends inside, pick up an instrument that you’ve always dreamed of learning. That way, you’ll have lots to show off at summer barbeques.

Sort through your stuff

It’s easy to start to feel cluttered at home when the snow is piling up around you, and one way to solve that problem is to sort through what you own. Spring cleaning? Move over; winter cleaning has arrived.


Take up a new hobby

Change your pace a little and take up something that you’ve always wanted to! Maybe it’s yoga or writing or even sewing. Whatever it is, use the desire to hibernate as motivation to stay inside and work on your hobby.


Go stargazing

Who says you have to spend the whole winter inside? Pick a clear night, bundle up, and see what you can spot from outside. And, if you’re up north, you have a chance of seeing the northern lights.


Try a new recipe

Get a little more comfortable with some comfort food, or try to spice things up – maybe literally. Take the chance to try a recipe that you’ve never done before.


Visit a market

There are lots of cool markets around, especially around Christmas. Cool items that you couldn’t get anywhere else and hot chocolate samplings should keep you going, despite the cold

Visit a museum

Museums are a great way to connect with culture and information, and to learn in a more hands-on way than sitting at home on the internet. Plus, they’re a great place to take the whole family out of the house!