If you’ve recently finished high school, then you might be getting ready to start a new chapter of your life: post-secondary schooling. You might be excited to move away from home for the first time, or you could be dreading the changes that will undoubtedly follow. However you feel about it, there are a few things you can get in order to make your dorm room the envy of everyone else in the hall (and don’t forget to grab them at New Hamburg Thrift Centre)!

Decorations that Speak to Your Style

No matter who you are or what you’re interested in, decorations are a surefire way to spruce things up and make sure that everyone who enters your space will remember your distinct touch. Grab some decorations to become a permanent poster in your residence.

Organizers to Keep Your Life Together

Whether you’re going to have a closet that will fit an entire bed, or one that will barely fit a shirt, an organizer will do you well in the long run. Shoe racks, boxes, and closet hangers are great ways to save space for other, cooler things that you would rather display. Get some room organizers so you can really fit in.

A Coffee Maker or Kettle

Let’s face it- good coffee can be hard to come by. Besides, sometimes you just need a good late-night cup of hot chocolate to finish off a long day of classes. To make your room the coolest hang-out spot, pick up a coffee maker or kettle to warm the hearts of all your new friends. (Just check the rules to make sure you’re allowed to bring it).

A Mini-Fridge

Just like a coffee maker, sometimes you need that extra boost of your own food to tide you over during midterm season. Pick up a mini-fridge to make your room the coolest in your hall.

A Picture Holder

You might be moving on with your life, but it’s good to remember the people that helped to get you where you are. Bring a few pictures of your favourite people (or pets) to put in an awesome picture organizer. Pick up a picture organizer to have a good image while you’re away at school.

A Small Rug

Regular floors are cold and dreary, so you might as well bring something to liven the place up! Besides, it’ll be nice on your feet when you get up in the mornings. Pick up a rug to weave good memories into your experience.

A Cool Lamp

Before you know it, you’ll be studying late into the night, and residences won’t allow you to do so by candlelight. It’ll be good to invest in some lighting that lasts! Bring a desk lamp along for a bright future.

Some Speakers

Music is best enjoyed with other people, so why not invite the whole floor? With a set of speakers, you can all enjoy music until someone tells you to shut it off. Grab a set of these to really speak to your classmates.

A Calendar

It’s good to keep track of your assignments while you’re away at school, and there’s no better way to do that than with a calendar. You can buy paper ones, whiteboard ones, or you can even make your own! Pick up a calendar to plan for the best year ever.

Some Cool Board Games

You can’t be expected to study all the time, so it’s good to make sure that you have something to do while you’re taking a break. To up your game while you’re at school, pick out a couple of cool board games before you leave.

Those are our suggestions for the items you’ll need for the best dorm room experience. Make sure to stop by New Hamburg Thrift Centre to pick these items up before you need to leave!