Some of the many awesome handmade things that we sell at New Hamburg Thrift Centre are reusable, recycled bags made from old t-shirts! This is one way that we’re able to reuse some of the materials that aren’t up to the quality that they need to be in to be sold in the store, and to help our customers reduce some of their personal plastic use.

You can buy one of these t-shirt bags in store, and to find out how they’re made, keep reading this article!

Step One: the t-shirt is laid flat on a table and a bowl it put on the neckline to mark a new line.

Step Two: once the new line is properly marked out, a rotary cutter is used to get the cleanest cut possible.

Step Three: the t-shirt is then turned inside out and the base of the bag is pinned where the base will be sewn so it doesn’t slip.

Step Four: halfway through the bottom seam of the t-shirt, a new seam is sewn for the base of the bag.

Step Five: the completed bag is then turned right-side out and the corners are popped out. The brand-new bag can then be enjoyed!

To pick up your very own t-shirt bag, stop at New Hamburg Thrift Centre! Or, grab some old t-shirts to start the project yourself!