December is a month to focus on the good in your life, no matter what holiday you might be celebrating. Time off spent with family members can be a welcome escape from the busy scheduling that usually proceeds in the weeks before, and eating a good meal together never hurts. It’s a month of celebration, but also of reflection and giving.

New Hamburg Thrift gives all proceeds to our parent organization, the Mennonite Central Committee, which funds programs in Ontario and all across the world. Programs like a partnership with Habitat for Humanity to help Canadians in Northern Indigenous reserves get access to clean water and good food, or global relief missions in times of crisis.

By giving your business to an MCC thrift stores like New Hamburg Thrift Centre, you will be giving a gift that you can’t see. There are lots of ideas all throughout the store for what to get each member of your family, and you can feel good knowing that the money you’ve spent has gone to help someone who might need it this season. Plus, the prices are absolutely unbeatable.

So, as you anticipate another holiday season, if you feel called to give at all, make sure to stop by the New Hamburg Thrift Centre. We are always accepting donations as well as business. And, if you’d like to give a directed gift to MCC and support a project that you’re passionate about, check out the MCC Website to find out how to donate.

Or, if you don’t necessarily have money to give, there are different ways that you can donate to MCC as an organization! Proceeds from each MCC thrift shop – like New Hamburg Thrift Centre – go directly to supporting MCC and the mission to see a brighter future all around the world. By donating your items to an MCC thrift store, you’re donating money directly to MCC. To find out what you can donate, check out the  “donate” page.

Another great way to dip your toes in and help is to volunteer at an MCC thrift shop. In order to ensure that the most proceeds possible are going directly to MCC, the thrift stores are run mostly with the help of volunteers. There are always openings for volunteers available, and we would love to have people come and support our mission! To find out where we need volunteers, check out the “volunteer” page.