Using your local thrift store (such as New Hamburg Thrift Centre) to both donate items to and shop at has many benefits in the community around you and in the rest of the world. What exactly are those benefits, though? It might seem like there’s nothing really gained from passing things from hand to hand, but you’d be surprised how much of an impact you can have just by choosing to frequent a thrift store.

It’s good for the environment

Donating items saves them from going to a landfill, where there’s little that can be done about its harm for the planet. When it’s given to a thrift store, someone else can give that item a second chance at life and prolong its usefulness. And, by shopping for your items at a thrift store, you’re giving items a second home and saving yourself from paying full price for a new item.


You can feel good about it

Whether you’re donating or buying, when you utilize what a thrift store has to offer, you can feel good knowing that you’re getting a good deal and helping the environment. Besides, your wallet will thank you!


In the case of New Hamburg Thrift Centre, your money goes to a good cause

All proceeds from New Hamburg Thrift Centre go to support the Mennonite Central Committee, which funds projects in Canada and across the globe. When you spend money at New Hamburg Thrift Centre, you’re helping us make the world a better place.


You know where the items came from

Most of the time, these were things given away by your neighbours and the people that you interact with. This way, you’re keeping items in your community and who knows, you might even run into the person that used to own your item!