October is a month of thanks and receiving candy. Two of the best possible things, right? Who doesn’t love October?

It’s easy to let the month get away from you, though. One second you’re planning a Thanksgiving dinner with far too many people, and the next you’re busy trying to find a last-minute Halloween costume. The hectic nature of the month never seems to end!

Stopping by New Hamburg Thrift Centre is a quick and easy way to solve the majority of your problems in one simple stop and for prices that seem far too low. Whether it’s costumes for you and everyone you know, houseware to accommodate the influx of guests that’ll be around for Thanksgiving, or even just something to deal with all the leaves in your backyard, New Hamburg Thrift Centre can eliminate loads of your October Stress.

Need an extra reason to stop by? Well, here are a few tips for coming up with DIY Halloween costume ideas that you can put to use at the New Hamburg Thrift Centre:

  1. Channel some nostalgia. Halloween really was the best when you were a kid, right? Well, get some of that old joy back through your costume! Be your favourite tv show character from when you were a kid, or wear the costume you always wanted to when you were little. Who says you’re too old to be a princess?
  2. Keep warm by layering. Incorporate a coat right into your costume if you’re able to, or hide pants under a dress or cloak. Canada is cold, after all!
  3. Take advantage of old styles, repurpose things that no longer fit, and thrift, thrift, thrift! You never know what you’ll be able to use if you get creative. Check out some fabric, and if nothing seems to be fitting your idea, then cut up an old piece of clothing that you don’t like anymore or that does fit. If you don’t have any of those, then New Hamburg Thrift Centre is a great place to check out!