We all know the recipe to save our planet is to reduce, reuse, recycle as much as possible. But, are we recycling all that we can? The New Hamburg Thrift Centre has taken recycling to new levels. Dedicated teams of volunteers work hard to ensure items do not make it to landfill while supporting the work of the Mennonite Central Committee.

Our recycling programs include:

  • Metal recycling: Energetic volunteers dismantle hundreds of items to separate various grades of copper, stainless steel, brass, cast iron, and aluminum, which last year generated $10,424 to support the work of MCC. All just because they took some time to properly separate and dispose of various components. With over 20 grades of metal to be sorted, these folks really know their stuff!
  • Comforter patches: Squares are cut from cotton and denim pants to create comforter patches. Volunteers assemble kits which customers can sew together and make their own comforter or give one step further by donating the comforter back to MCC for someone in need.
  • Wipes: Groups of volunteers cut t-shirts, towels & flannel sheets into rags/wipes for industrial & household use. Just call us to place your order.
  • Recycled mats: Volunteers are hard at work cutting up denim and cotton pants, chenille bedspreads, wool blankets and sheet sets to create beautiful hand woven floor mats and placemats. Buttons and pockets are kept for craft projects.

Craft projects using recycled materials is the latest trend. Pinterest and DIY programs provide lots of ideas of what can be done using unwanted items. The New Hamburg Thrift Centre is no exception. We love upcycling! We have put together a special event with all your favorite elements crafts, tea, dessert and shopping at the New Hamburg Thrift Centre!

We are pleased to announce our first


“Dessert & A Craft Event”

  • Friday, September 29 from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm.
  • Cost is $5.00 per person and includes materials for the craft, tea, dessert, and a $5.00 MCC gift card for an after-hours shopping experience that evening. 

Space is limited so register early!

Registration & payment can be made in the store or by calling 519-662-2867 and securing your spot with a credit card. Check our Facebook page for more details.


All proceeds from store sales, recycling projects and special events support the work of the Mennonite Central Committee, locally and around the world. Thank you to our talented volunteers for all their efforts, and our environmentally friendly donors and customers. Your planet thanks you too!