Picture this: a turkey dinner with all the fixings, surrounded by the family members you love the most. For many people, this will look exactly like their Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners at home or at relatives’ homes, and it will bring some good memories to light.

Or, your personal celebrations could look entirely different, depending on your own traditions and religion. However and whatever you celebrate, though, October and December are important months for spending time with and reconnecting with family.

But what about November?

November, the forgotten month. November, where it seems like the state of limbo between holidays might stretch on forever. I can assure you, though – we at New Hamburg Thrift are not letting November pass us by, and neither should you.

All proceeds earned at New Hamburg thrift are given to the Mennonite Central Committee, which funds all sorts of programs across the globe. In particular, this November, something important that MCC works toward is poverty reduction across Canada, through various programs such as poverty advocacy and more hands-on approaches like the Raw Carrot Soup enterprise.

The Raw Carrot Soup enterprise is a gourmet soup-making enterprise in the KW region staffed mostly by those with disAbilities in the region. By supporting organizations such as this one, MCC is able to ensure that this holiday season is a good one for as many people as possible.

So, then the question remains: how can you get involved with something like this and spend your November in a way that you might remember it for years to come?

It’s much easier than you’d think, actually. Shopping at New Hamburg Thrift will send proceeds to MCC, and donating your items will turn the things that are cluttering up your house into good done for the community.

And, if you’re still looking to do more, then the answer is simple: you can volunteer with New Hamburg thrift to help us to keep these changes happening. To get involved, be sure to give us a phone call or drop by the store for more information.

So, however you choose to spend your holidays and your November, be sure to make the most of them!10