Care for Creation!

Together we’ll make a difference – one donation at a time

As a thrift shop, we generate waste, it’s inevitable.  However, our goal is to keep as much out of landfill as we can.  We do this by recycling the following:


We welcome donations of old electronics for e-waste recycling! These items should be brought to the regular receiving area as all other donations.

Items include: televisions and computer monitors, computer equipment (including desktop, laptop, hard drives, CD Rom, mouse, keyboard, etc.) typewriters, desktop printers, fax machines, printer cartridges, stereo equipment, digital cameras, video recorders, gaming consoles, satellite/cable receivers, PVRs, cell phones, tablets and home telephones/answering machines, cables, wires and power supplies.



Used household batteries (A, AA, AAA, 9V, C, D) should never be tossed in the garbage as they leach harmful chemicals. Drop them off at the shop for proper recycling… we have a small bin at the front of the shop and a larger bin at Receiving.




From old baking tins to precious metals like copper stripped from small appliances, we have a small recycling program for items that don’t sell in the shop.



Not all clothing we receive can be sold.  Some unsaleable items are used to make floor mats. Also known as ‘rag rugs’, these durable mats become handmade treasures to buy and gift to others. These mats can be custom made with your choice of colours and varying lengths (19″ and 27″ width as well as 14″ placemats and table runners), please contact the shop or email:



Certain materials are great to use as wipes or rags for industry or home use.  We recycle certain materials and make wiping cloths to resell in 25 pound bales. This typically includes t-shirt material, toweling, etc. but all materials have 50% cotton content or higher. Custom orders accepted – please contact Donna to discuss at