The days are getting longer, the weather is warm and sunny and for many it’s the time when vacations, family time and beach trips start to fill the calendar.  Make the most of the warm weather with these 10 summer centric activities.

  • Catch a movie at the drive in (photo: Bramptonist)

Drive in movie screen with cars in the foreground

  • Flex your athletic prowess with a rousing round of mini golf (photo: pexels)

girl sitting on the grass with a golf putter on her shoulder and a white golf ball in front of her

  • Skip the dinner table and head to the park for a picnic (photo: pexels)

A couple sitting at a picnic table in the part with a picnic basket

  • Find a trail or quiet neighbourhood and go for a bike ride (photo: pexels)

a child wearing a blue backpack and bicycle helmet on his bike following another child in the background

  • Make a DIY kite and channel your inner Benjamin Franklin (we don’t recommend the whole lightning thing…) (photo:

DIY Kite

  • Decorate your deck, driveway, sidewalk or street with some incredibly fun squirtable chalk  (photo: growing a jewelled rose)

Liquid Chalk in Squirtable Bottles

  • Get your craft-on and make a summer themed door wreath(photo:

Wreath hanging on wooden front door

  • You know the only thing better than blowing bubbles….GIANT BUBBLES (photo:

Giant Bubbles

  • Pick berries at your local farm (photo: pexels)

Fresh strawberries hanging on the plant

  • Did all of that…have a nap in a hammock (photo: pexels)

blue hammock between two trees watching a sunset

It’s tough work making the most of your summer, but someone has to do it!