It’s almost here: the horizon; the end of winter. Can you feel the cold starting to go and the snow starting to melt? Sure, we’re probably due for another snowstorm or two, and it’ll still be a little bit before winter is officially over, but it’s probably safe to say that we can start dreaming of spring, no?

Well, with spring comes spring cleaning. That time of year where you go through all the items in your house and decide what’s keeping you from the feeling of cleanliness that spring usually brings along.

As you decide what it is that you need to get rid of this spring, be sure to bring your items down to New Hamburg Thrift, where we can put them to good use. Whatever we can take a resell to use for funding for the Mennonite Central Committee we will ensure gets the best pricing around, and whatever we can’t use, we will recycle in one of our various recycling programs or repurpose in various ways. At New Hamburg Thrift, we throw out as little as possible, so you can know that we’ll be using the items that were clogging up your home in the best ways imaginable.

Once you’ve gotten rid of the things that you no longer want, come shop at the front of the store, where you can find all sorts of items that other people have decided to pass on. You never know the luck that you’ll have when you stop by because our selection is always changing!