It’s officially here! The start of summer has arrived, which means we can finally break out the summer gear and (hopefully) stop keeping an eye out for rogue snowstorms. As we all collectively crawl out from under the blankets we hid under for the winter months, though, you might start to notice that you’re not entirely prepared for the summertime.

Don’t worry, though – New Hamburg Thrift Centre has been getting things ready for you! Come into the store to see our summer items like clothing, patio furniture, beach items, and all the houseware you’ll need to make awesome homemade popsicles. However you want to spend your summer, make sure that New Hamburg Thrift Centre is your first stop on your way to enjoying the warm weather.

All across Canada, people will be looking forward to getting outdoors now that it’s nice enough outside to do so. In some of the most Northern Indigenous communities, MCC is working to encourage food sovereignty by gardening. In these remote locations, much of the food eaten there has to be flown in, which drives up costs, and can be dangerous with disruptive weather. Many of these locations also have little access to grocery stores, which make attempting to get food a challenge that many southern Canadian towns do not face.

Mennonite Central Committee, New Hamburg Thrift’s parent organization, to where all proceeds are given, runs a program called “Sowing Reconciliation”, which works to aid these communities as they begin to garden again. The fresh produced gained this way serves to solve some of the food shortage issues that they experience and gives the communities better access to the former ways of gardening before the forced assimilation of the residential schools took place.

As you step into this summer, keep our Indigenous partners up north in mind as you shop for a good cause at the New Hamburg Thrift Centre.