New Hamburg Thrift Centre is one of many thrift stores owned by the charity Mennonite Central Committee (MCC). What does this mean, exactly? Well, it means that the main purpose of the thrift store is to earn revenue for MCC to then spend on programs in Ontario and around the world. Any proceeds earned through New Hamburg Thrift Centre are given to MCC, meaning that the items that you donate and buy go to support people in need. Cool, right?

Every purchase made at an MCC thrift store is a gift to someone desperately in need of a service that MCC provides.

What are some of these services, though? Well, you won’t see any of them playing out at a thrift store, but there are many in your community that you can see at work if you pay attention.


Indigenous Neighbours

MCC actively responds to calls put out by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission like actively working toward reconciliation with the help of local Indigenous leaders. MCC also currently partners with different organizations to provide clean water and food sovereignty for communities in the North, where those things are scarce.


Justice and Reconciliation

MCC recognizes that we live in a broken world, and are working to find different ways to achieve justice in the community. Following the example of restorative justice that the Elmira region provided years ago, MCC supports several programs to help see these ideals come to life.



Low German Programs

MCC aids German-speaking Mennonite colonies across North and South America, helping them to learn English and gain legal status.


Poverty Reduction

To ensure that the poverty rates in the cities we live in are as low as possible, MCC runs several instrumental programs, such as the Raw Carrot Soup Program, fighting for Poverty Advocacy and a Living Wage, and many other programs.


MCC Photo
Samuel Tewoldemedhin (far left), MCC’s Kaylee Perez (far right) and newcomers sponsored through the BVOR program by Shalom Worship and Healing Centre in Kitchener.

Supporting Refugees

MCC recognizes that, at one point, we or our ancestors were all new to this country, save for Indigenous Canadians. As such, it’s important to welcome those in need with open arms. MCC is able to run a financial sponsorship system in order to give these newcomers a safe home.


Those are a few ways that MCC is able to make a difference in Ontario, but as a global organization, there are plenty of other programs that couldn’t be featured in an article of this length! To read more about what MCC does across the world, make sure to check out their website and read up on the different things going on.

Want to help out more? New Hamburg Thrift is always accepting donations and volunteers to keep the store running! Call (519) 662-2867 or check out our website for more information.